Bob Bly, author of 90+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals how you can….

Write More, Sell More, Publish More, and Make More Money

Earn $100,000 a Year or More, Get Major Publishers to Publish Your Books, and Handle More Writing Projects at Bigger Fees for Top Clients Nationwide

Dear Writer (or Aspiring Writer):

Each year dozens if not hundreds of writers and aspiring writers call or e-mail me asking for advice on how to make more money, get published, and succeed in freelance writing.

The most common questions writers ask me about becoming more successful are these:

  • “How can I get more assignments and consistently stay busy and profitable?”
  • “How can I sell almost everything I write and make rejections a thing of the past?”
  • “How can I command higher fees from clients, editors, and publishers for my work?”
  • “How can I increase my writing speed and produce more salable work in less time?”
  • “How can I get lucrative commercial writing assignments from corporate clients?”
  • “How can I sell my book for a five-figure advance to a major NYC publisher?”
  • “How can I get a literary agent to represent me?”

To help you achieve all your writing goals, including the ones listed above, I’ve packaged 2 of my best-selling books for writers in what I’m calling my Writer’s Success Kit: Write More, Sell More published by Writer’s Digest Books, and How to Get Your Book Published from Roblin Press.

Together, these 2 books give you complete instructions on achieving your goals as a freelance writer. And there are two points I want to make before I reveal exactly what’s in them.

First, these are not flimsy, short, overpriced e-books. Write More, Sell More is a 245-page hardcover book, and How to Get Your Book Published is a 230-page trade paperback. So you get a ton of content for one low price.

Second, you can trust both books, because they are based on my 35 years of real-world experience as a successful writer.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve written for some of the biggest companies on the planet, including AT&T, IBM, Ingersoll Rand, and Nortel. I’ve done it all, from magazine ads and direct mail, to white papers and e-mail marketing campaigns. And I’ve consistently earned a six-figure income from my freelance writing for over 3 decades, every single year.

As an author, I have written more than 80 books. And these are published by “real” publishers like McGraw-Hill and John Wiley & Sons, not self-published books or Kindle e-books I had to pay to produce. That’s important, because it means top editors thought enough of my books to pay me advances before they were published or even written.

Write More, Sell More

In the first book in my Writer’s Success Kit, Write More, Sell More, I show you how to be a more productive writer, sell more of your work at higher fees, and get all the assignments you can possibly handle.


  • 7 tasks writers should outsource to save time and increase efficiency. Page 97.
  • 17 things you can do to turn down time into productive time. Page 66.
  • 9 tips for better management of documents and other electronic files. Page 37.
  • 3 lucrative writing assignments you can do rapidly and easily. Page 17.
  • A simple 4-step business plan for your freelance writing practice you can fit on one side of a sheet of paper. Page 15.
  • 12 steps to writing better and faster. Page 9.
  • Make up to $4,000 a day teaching writing to others. Page 171.
  • The 22 success habits of writers who earn $60,000 a year or more. Page 204.
  • How to negotiate higher fees, advances, and royalties. Page 180.
  • 10 rules for running an efficient and profitable freelance writing business. Page 194.
  • A model book proposal you can emulate when selling your book idea to a major publisher. Page 217.
  • How I make a six-figure annual income writing direct mail – which, contrary to popular belief, is still going strong as a copywriting specialty. Page 160.
  • Make money from the 4 Rs of freelance writing: referrals, repeat business, reprints, and resales. Page 155. Plus: 9 ways to ensure repeat assignments. Page 129.
  • 22 secrets of successful self-promotion for freelancers. Page 132.
  • What to charge for ads … booklets … brochures … catalogs … feature articles … newsletters … press releases … and other commercial assignments. Page 127.
  • How to write query letters that get newspaper and magazine editors to hire you to write articles for them. Page 107.
  • 12 “best practices” for being a successful magazine writer. Page 84.
  • What one of the world’s most prolific Christian writers can teach you about freelance writing success. Page 78.
  • 10 tips for handling pressure and juggling multiple projects. Page 73.
  • What Georges Simenon can teach you about being a prolific and productive writer. Page 59.
  • How to overcome writer’s block and procrastination. Page 7.
  • 9 tips for sidestepping interruptions and getting more writing done every day. Page 55.
  • The one-hour module method for keeping your energy and productivity up throughout the day. Page 35.
  • 7 tips for being a successful moonlighter. Page 30.
  • How to bypass the middleman publisher and sell your writing directly to readers. Page 138.
  • The only 4 ways to make more money as a freelance writer. Page 2.
  • The 3 types of to-do lists every writer should make and keep. Page 7.
  • How to hire a virtual assistant. Page 99.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary activities and bad habits that erode your writing output and productivity. Page 13.
  • When is the best time to write – early morning or late at night? The answer may surprise you. Page 33.
  • How to get more writing done in less time by working with coauthors. Page 43.
  • 7 ways to make writing more pleasurable and less agonizing. Page 76.
  • And much, much more….

How to Get Your Book Published

In the second book in the Writer’s Success Kit, How to Get Your Book Published, I share with you the step by step methodology I have used to sell dozens of books to Henry Holt, McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, John Wiley & Sons, New American Library, and other major publishing houses.


  • How to get a literary agent to represent you – and do you even need one? Page 89.
  • Where to find a “book doctor” or freelance editor to help you whip your manuscript into shape. Page 225.
  • The anatomy of a winning book proposal. Page 184.
  • 10 tips for selling your book to a major NYC publishing house. Page 102.
  • How to prove to editors that your idea warrants book-length treatment and is not just a magazine article or blog post. Page 41.
  • Why writing a book can help build your reputation as an expert in your field. Page 13.
  • 8 more reasons to write a nonfiction book and get it published. Page 11.
  • 8 key steps to becoming a published book author. Page 19.
  • How to write and publish a children’s book. Page 24.
  • 10 proven ways to come up with a good idea for a nonfiction book. Page 27.
  • How to turn your hobby into a profitable book. Page 31.
  • How to sell your book by narrowing the target audience. Page 37.
  • 5 questions editors ask – and you must answer to their satisfaction – to get them to buy your book. Page 41.
  • How to prove to the publisher that the potential audience for your book is large enough to justify publication. Page 43.
  • How to differentiate your book from other books on the same topic. Page 46.
  • The only 3 reasons why publishers and readers buy nonfiction books. Page 49.
  • The 3 types of credentials that can convince publishers you are qualified to write a book on your topic. Page 52.
  • What is a “content outline” and how to you create one that will sell your book idea to a publisher? Page 57.
  • The 10 components of a winning book proposal. Can you name them all? Page 71.
  • 4 things editors look for when evaluating book proposals. Page 86.
  • How much money should a literary agent charge you – and when? Page 91.
  • How big an advance should you expect to get as a first-time author? Page 108.
  • How to negotiate a better book royalty. Page 111.
  • Other rights you should know about and negotiate a better deal for. Page 113.
  • How to get the rights back to your book when it goes out of print. Page 117.
  • The file folder system for organizing your research materials. Page 121.
  • How much material from books, articles, and other sources are you allowed to use in your book? Page 123.
  • The sectional approach to writing your book manuscript. Page 124.
  • 7 tips for increasing your writing productivity. Page 129.
  • 10 more tips for writing a great book. Page 131.
  • Successfully navigating the editing and publishing process. Page 133.
  • 10 tips for promoting your book when it is published. Page 140.
  • Self-publishing options and print on demand (POD) publishing. Page 145.
  • Writing and publishing an e-book. Page 154.
  • And more….

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Bob Bly

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  • How to write a good advertisement. Page 49.
  • How to write more effective product brochures. Page 52.
  • Why most businesspeople can’t write. Page 9.
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